"Get out of Pain" for new patients...


At your first visit, the doctor will take x-rays as needed and complete both hands-on & range of motion exams to help find the CAUSE of your pain or discomfort.


Dr Smuts will then study your situation later than day to develop a plan to correct the problem - this will be reviewed with you at your second visit.


Once you agree the treatments needed, these will be started without delay to remove the pain.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We've helped over 1,000 people like you in the Alvin area, now we want you out of pain and back to health too.


So we make that easy by providing a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for your visit.

Now there's NO EXCUSE for not coming in to see us.  

There's no better way to get relief from the pain of an injury, accident, or other activity and get back to full mobility.

We offer all of our new patients a 100% money-back guarantee -- if you're not completely satisfied that we can help you at the end of your first visit, we will refund your money!

Get back into action now.