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Most dentists prescribe aspirin or Advil as the way to "treat" TMJ or other jaw pain.

While that may help you feel better today, it certainly is not the way to CURE your condition!

Our paper reveals the secret on why your dentist cannot help with your TMJ pain.

So, if you are  suffering from pain in your jaw, or have  been diagnosed with TMJ - then this information is for you!

We've already helped many people just like you get out of pain and back to a normal life - even when their dentist or doctor told them that woudn't be possible!.

...and why we can.

“I was in 2 auto accidents and Dr. Blackwell has been a Godsend!

Everyone at his clinic is so kind and genuinely concerned.

I highly recommend his office!”

- Barbara King, November 2016

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HealthWorks is the leading chiropractic provider, serving all of Alvin, Manvel and surrounding communities.  Our use advanced chiropractic and custom rehab techniques are particularly effective to help remove/resolve TMJ and other jaw pain - providing relief for jaw pain that is not possible at the dentist's office - and without drugs or surgery!

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